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It is by traveling the world that our eyes open to the vast possibilities that beer could offer us; Cask ales, Stouts, Indian Pale Ales, all sorts of sours and more, wow it took us on a trip. Coming back to our dear Switzerland we simply wanted our exploration to continue, without having to cross borders.

We were missing the diversity of flavors and textures we had discovered on our travels. What now? Import the ones we’ve tasted? From an ecological perspective it was a no no. But then what? 
It is only when we started looking at the possible alternatives that we realised the extent of craft breweries we had in Switzerland. Did you know that by the end of 2021 there were more than 1200 of them? And the numbers keep on growing.

So we went on our tasting journey, visiting those Swiss breweries. We realized that the creativity and quality residing between most of them was just exciting. Hence, we decided to put forward the story of those brewers which they tell best through the concoction of their drinks. That is how Abramas saw the day. 
The world of craft beer is democratising itself, and there is no denying that a new value has emerged in our society: we want to know what we are consuming and we want to support local to the maximum. There is so much know-how, passion and different personalities. Finally, why even go elsewhere?

Within the Discovery Pack, you can discover more regional products each month whilst supporting their producers. What types of beers do you ask? All of them! Amber, Lagers, IPAs, Stouts, Sours… Once you start tasting all of the varieties, trust us, it’ll be difficult to do without them.

Our job? To travel around the Suisse Romandie, meet the microbrewers and discover the exceptional products they produce. Our goal is that you, in turn, can live the experience either through the Discovery Pack or when we're done figuring it out, through our E-shop, you’ll be able to quietly shop for the beers you want. 
Beer has and still is often presented as a rough drink. But we believe differently. Its complexity and depth of aroma can easily place it on a par with the nuances we find in wine or coffee.

At ABRAMAS we obviously don’t know the full extent of brewing methods, all the ingredients that are used in the beer making process, all the nuances of the flavors, tastes or textures that are contained in a bottle, a can or even in your glass that has just been filled from a nearby cask. Why? Because there are so many different techniques, recipes and nuances to individual brewers.

However, we want to learn, hopefully as much as you do. Through our explorations and experiences, we will gather a lot of knowledge that we will try to pass on to you as we go along. Whether it’s on our social network or on the Bieropedia page designed to discover the brewing world, we’ll try to pass on our knowledge and break established codes by giving beer the interest it deserves.

For example, did you know that some gastronomic restaurants use beer to accompany their dishes? Do you know of the different brewing methods and the yeasts used? Did you know that beer is best kept in cans because they protect it from light and hence, does not alter the taste? Also that they are more environmentally friendly thanks to their small, lightweight format made of recyclable metal? More information coming soon. 
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